Myopia (Ancient Greek: μυωπία, muōpia, from myein “to shut” – ops (gen. opos) “eye”[1]), commonly known as near-sightedness (American English) and short-sightedness (British English), is a condition of the eye where the light that comes in does not directly focus on the retina but in front of it, causing the image that one sees when looking at a distant object to be out of focus, but in focus when looking at a close object.

My myopia was diagnosed at five years young in a 1959 Studebaker, when I said “Dad look at those beautiful sheep” He asked where? “There I say! ” “son those are not sheep those are grey rocks”. If my current minus 8 diopter eyes were functioning in 1800, my job work would be grinding corn within 3 feet of my eyes.

Now with corrective lenses and a Canon Mark 111 I can make perfectly blurry images only when I choose to do so.

 bw fushi mosque.jpg_MG_0722.jpg0 abstract window nyc.jpg00 avi triptych.jpg00 male girls out for a night walk.jpg003.jpg01 01680175.jpg01 219 copy.jpg01 a miami nite.jpg01 a myopic paradise.jpg01 B running.jpg01 back scatter.jpg01 black beauty and blue.jpg01 blue toes.jpg01 IMG_0675.jpg01 IMG_1356.jpg01 IMG_1437.jpg01 IMG_1633.jpg01 IMG_2292.jpg01 IMG_2589.jpg01 IMG_3940.jpg01 IMG_4269.jpg01 IMG_7777 copy.jpg01 IMG_8264.jpg01 IMG_8554.jpg01 IMG_9424.jpg01 IMG_9506.jpg01 IMG_9645.jpg01 IMG_9676.jpg01 jimmy style.jpg01 liquid light.jpg01 mike and lotte.jpg01 moonlight apparation.jpg01 myopic 011.jpg01 myopic dali.jpg01 myopic drums.jpg01 myopic georgia.jpg01 myopic mushroom.jpg01 myopic passageway.jpg01 myopic sea side candles.jpg01 myopic tune up.jpg01 myopic_MG_2120.jpg01 new orleans angel 11.02.05.jpg01 old time 1800.jpg01 prophesy.jpg01 puneet myopia.jpg01 reflection palm.jpg01 ryan myopic .jpg01 who me.jpg018.jpg1 IMG_1554.jpg1 IMG_4667.jpg1 IMG_8967.jpg132B6932.jpg160.jpg218.jpg320.jpg326.jpga half moon heart soneva fushi.jpga myopic bull rider 2.jpga myopic paradise.jpgalex sepia.jpgalgae.jpgblue plankton four.jpgblue plankton three.jpgblue plankton two.jpgblue plankton.jpgblue shadow.jpgblurr cross.jpgbull rider in motion.jpgchrysler building nyc_1.jpgCIMG3655.jpgCIMG3659.jpgCosta Rica Pura VIda-27.jpgcrystal river reflection.jpgdream car taos.jpgdyanamic motion.jpgempire state building nyc.jpgempire state from a taxi.jpgfile275.jpgfilter blue night sea.jpgflying train.jpggased.jpggettysburg copy.jpggreen flipper.jpghalf moon heart soneva fushi.jpghawk.jpgI01 MG_8496.jpgI01 MG_8830.jpgI01 MG_9144.jpgIMG_0033.jpgIMG_0656.jpgIMG_1316.jpgIMG_1342 copy.jpgIMG_2353.jpgIMG_2364.jpgIMG_5503.jpgIMG_5535.jpgIMG_5559.jpgIMG_5568.jpgIMG_8140.jpgIMG_8660.jpgIMG_9318.jpgjoao on sandbank myopia.jpgmud.jpgmy myopic view of a fishing boat.jpgmyopic dali.jpgmyopic forest devaIMG_8209.jpgmyopic tank.jpgnew orleans night aft#93335.jpgradical blurr willow by river.jpgryan deb tub copy-c14.jpgverison IMG_5494 2.jpgwater at dock in gilli copy.jpg